I finally finished SMLMJ 15 last night. I have a few covers to finish still but it feels odd being un-monthlied. For the past 3 years I've been fortunate enough to have steady work and I'm finding it somewhat wierd not worrying about the next issue now that it's all over. In a good way, I guess.

Sean just shot me this link to a Slate article talking about good superhero books for non-superhero fans. SMLMJ was spotlighted with images on their front page even so that was mighty cool. Go me. Go US!

Speaking of superheroes... I was in a used bookstore today just peeking around and flippin' through the rows upon rows of comics and came upon this:

No, it's not David cosplaying as Spider-man. It says it was published back in 1996 but the look of the art harkens back even further. Like, the 60's and 70's. I'm assuming by the Marvel logo up top it's legit. Anyway, I haven't given it a good read yet but it's nice to see it not following standard Spidey lore.

It opens with a Japanese high school student named Yu Komori standing alone in a school science lab griping about how he's made fun of by other students. He's surrounded by big radioactive machines and then this happens:

It must be advanced science 'cuz I sure as hell didn't get to play with alphas or betas back when I was a student. The powers kick-in soon after and he's bending iron bars and clinging to walls but, oddly, no web skillz. So, naturally, this:

I gave the book a quick scan and saw Electro, Lizard and some dude hopping around like a kangaroo but I don't know if that was made up or not. I have #2 here as well and got them both for 2 bucks so it was quite the steal. Says there's a total of 5 so I'll make sure to keep an eye out for the rest. Here's hoping I don't get sued for putting these up.


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

That Spider-Man was originally published in the early 1970'S on Monthly(called Bessatsu at that time) Shonen Magazine/Kodansha.
Drawn by Ryoichi Ikegami, famous for "Crying Freeman" and such.
I think it was published in the States through Marvel in English but it didn't go up to the end.

10:46 AM  

Anonymous Aki said...

oops forgot to put my name on.
Y here or Aki.

10:47 AM  

Blogger TAK said...

Aki - His art for this is so different compared to Crying Freeman I didn't even think to look him up. Wow. Man. He's come a long way. Also, I realized that this was a recent reprint of the old material. It is indeed from the 70's. There's a littel write-up at the end stating he showed the work to Stan Lee and even met the man at one point but was told his Spider-man was not Spider-man. There are a few questionable scenes like an attempted rape scene at one point so I can see North American readers being appalled by said content. Regardless, it's an interesting version and one worth remembering.

1:24 AM  

Blogger kelvingreen said...

Yeah, Marvel published an English version in the late 90's. More here.

2:48 AM  

Blogger C.B. Cebulski said...

Coordinating the English reprints of this series was my first job for Marvel back in the day. That rape scene, and some of the drug stuff, caused a lot of headaches, from what I remember.

12:57 AM  

Anonymous Davin Atkinson said...

I got the first Volume, but thats it. I wish i could read Japanese. although it was done by Ikegami, it doesn't show the peak of his talent. i flipped through and noticed a man in a rabbit suit, and some of the crudely drawn civilians look deformed.

11:47 AM  
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