Managed to finish that issue of Secret Invasion last week. I've already started on the 3rd and last installment. After that, it's a trip home and then back here to concentrate on Japan again. I've been kinda gestating ideas on characters and plot for the last few months. The psychology behind all this has been, uh, complicated and way too cheese to put in words so I won't. haha.

Anyway, I rarely see angry people in Japan. Everyone is pretty careful about not openly showing their emotions so even when there's an argument happening it's hard to tell. The other day, tho, like, whoa. I was on my local train platform and this dude was just goin' OFF on his phone. It's all the more shocking to see since it practically never happens. But, yeah. He's all, like, "I'm gonna sue your ass this and sue your ass that". It was rather entertaining after I got over the initial surprise. Actually, it was all the more entertaining since the security people who's job it is to keep the peace didn't want anything to do with this irate maniac and kept well away from him during the entire show. Good job, guys.

Also in the news. It's hot. Like, freakin' hot.

Oh, that MJ piece I did for the comic store in Chicago called Challengers has been printed and is hanging in their window. Yay! I even got the best spot so I feel special. Store owners Patrick and Dal sent me pics so I'll share them with you all here. If you live in their area please go and spend lots and lots of money.


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Blogger The Jack said...

Wow. Just an hour ago I was at the Challengers website. I'm thinking about attending the Aug 16 event with Dan Brereton. Then I saw this entry. I'm definitely checking out the store. btw, there's also a cool retro toy store nearby. I picked up some Go-bots, G1 Transformers and a Takatoku Macross Valkyrie knock-off there.

11:40 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love that piece! The book hasn't been the same without you and McKeever. Could you post up that illustration?


2:28 AM  
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